"Nothing Is Worth More Than This Day" - Goethe - Print

Sale "Nothing Is Worth More Than This Day" - Goethe - Print

Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe's motivational quote, "Nothing is worth more than this day" is hand lettered with a whimsical sun illustration as a reminder to live each day to the fullest!


♥ Framing & Displaying Tips:

Lily & Val prints will bring the rustic charm of chalkboard art to your space - minus the dust! To provide the most realistic chalkboard appearance, prints can be framed without the glass. Simply place the glass BEHIND the print. This option is only recommended if the print is displayed in an undisturbed area free of moisture (no bathrooms).

White or light colored frames and matting work especially well against the chalkboard artwork.

An 1/8" "extra space" is included around all four sides of each print. This small space is intended to protect the edges of your print prior to framing as well as provide additional displaying options like dry mounting. If the print is going to be dry mounted onto a hard surface, the extra space will be helpful in that process. If you are framing the print in an un-matted frame, the edges will need to be slightly trimmed.