About Lily & Val

About Lily & Val

Lily & Val’s original gifts, cards, and home decor items mirror life’s simple pleasures so you always have a reason to smile.

Lily & Val has been crafting hand-lettered chalkboard art, greeting cards, and assorted paper goods since its creation in 2012. Created with Valerie McKeehan’s quaint aesthetic, each item is personally hand-lettered and illustrated by Valerie, a creative soul who infuses her work with the same whimsy and elegance that inspires her at home.

Valerie and Nicole hanging prints

From our Hands and Hearts to Yours

We want you to feel uplifted and delighted when you touch our products. We revel in mixing simple nostalgia with a modern style of pretty-whimsy to create gifts that are lovingly made.

It’s said that many great creatives begin their crafts as children, and that’s certainly the case with Valerie McKeehan. A self-styled, lifelong creative, she has been drawing, illustrating, and painting for as long as she can remember. Encouraged by her grandmother and mother to explore various art mediums, Valerie is an intensely curious soul complete with a knack for entrepreneurship—she also watched her father grow his own venture from the ground up.

After building a career in radio sales (where she also met her eventual husband, Mak), Valerie started a boutique advertising firm with Mak. A partnership was formed, and Valerie continued to refine her unique style of visual storytelling.

Valerie McKeehan

Making the Ordinary Extraordinary

It was when Valerie, as a newlywed, transformed an old picture frame into a hand-lettered chalkboard sign that she instantly fell in love with the art form that characterizes Lily & Val today.

As friends and family became equally enchanted, Lily & Val opened its virtual doors on Etsy in the summer of 2012, and, needless to say, the rest was history.

Inspired by memories of days well-spent and the beauty of ordinary life, Valerie draws from her penchant for nostalgia to capture her whimsical and iconic designs. Whether it’s a conversation over a cup of tea at Grandma’s table, a warm cake fresh from the oven, or a walk through her home city of Pittsburgh, Valerie encourages others to tune into the simple pleasures of life and live creatively and passionately, just like Lily & Val.

Valerie working on a new chalkboard print

How our Chalk Art Prints are Made

As the creator of the original Chalkboard Print, Lily & Val’s chalkboard designs begin with a simple pencil sketch before moving to chalk and slate. Chalkboard art is considered ephemeral; it is, after all, nothing more than dust on a surface.

In order to preserve the design for long-term enjoyment, Valerie photographs the freshly drawn chalkboard to make a high-resolution digital print. This method enables us to send you a gorgeous piece of chalkboard art, perfect in its imperfections, without worry of dust or erasing. All the nuances of the unmistakable hand-drawn style of chalk art are preserved on archival-quality paper. We love that the chalkboard is a classic medium and pride ourselves on unique, modern handcrafted goods with a nod to the nostalgia.