The Keepsake Kitchen Diary™ - Classic - Lily & Val
The Keepsake Kitchen Diary™ - Classic - Lily & Val
Heirloom kitchen cookbook
The Keepsake Kitchen Diary™ - Classic - Lily & Val
The Keepsake Kitchen Diary™ - Classic - Lily & Val
Kitchen diary and recipe keeper
The Keepsake Kitchen Diary™ - Classic
The Keepsake Kitchen Diary™ - Classic - Lily & Val
The Keepsake Kitchen Diary™ - Classic - Lily & Val
The Keepsake Kitchen Diary™ - Classic - Lily & Val
Heirloom kitchen cookbook
The Keepsake Kitchen Diary™ - Classic - Lily & Val
The Keepsake Kitchen Diary™ - Classic - Lily & Val
Kitchen diary and recipe keeper
The Keepsake Kitchen Diary™ - Classic
The Keepsake Kitchen Diary™ - Classic - Lily & Val

The Keepsake Kitchen Diary™ - Classic

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Meals are memories, sweet and simple. Whether it’s your grandmother’s famous stuffing or the chocolate cake you shared on a romantic rainy night with your favorite person, those memorable meals have long-lasted time’s interference—each time you smell that stuffing or taste that chocolate, your heart bursts with nostalgia.

To record these recipes that narrate our special moments, we created the Keepsake Kitchen Diary™. This cookbook is a culmination of what we love about food and its direct line to the soul—it’s functional yet beautiful, holding your most treasured recipes and precious memories all within the pages. Each spread in this one-of-a-kind family cookbook has ample space to record dates, occasions, and thoughts in a meaningful way, and we hope it brings joy to you and the people you love for generations to come.

  • 9.25” tall x 10” wide; 2.25 lbs
  • Gold wire binding
  • Pockets on the inside front & back covers for storing special notes/keepsakes
  • Room for ~150 recipes
  • Helpful cooking guides & references
  • Six sections: Starters, Soups/Salads, Main Courses, Side Dishes, Desserts and Miscellaneous
  • Journaling memory pages for each recipe
  • Stunning, hand-drawn illustrations by Valerie McKeehan
  • Make it your own with all types of washi tape, scrapbook and planner supplies!

Hello, friend...

My name is Valerie McKeehan. I am a sentimentalist, homebody, flower lover, author, gardener, vintage collector, Francophile, wife to my best friend who also happens to be my business partner, and mama to a sweet baby girl, Vienna (named after the Billy Joel song).

Most of my days are spent painting, drawing, illustrating, and creating  (tea is always involved) out of my home studio in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. For as long as I can remember, I’ve loved to create and dream up ideas for things to make.

Lily & Val Started in the Kitchen

I was standing in the kitchen in 2012, newly married, wanting to create a piece of art to make our first home feel more homey. I decided to hand letter a chalkboard sign because I loved the nostalgic, cozy look. Little did I realize then that this humble chalkboard was the start of a new journey and Lily & Val was born shortly thereafter. Discovering that other people wanted to hang my art in their homes was a complete joy and thrill!

Through the years I've applied the same philosophy that started it all: create unique, meaningful products that I want to own and be surrounded by. I hand letter and illustrate each item, so you're sure to get something truly unique & made with lots of love.

My Inspiration

The products I create are driven by a sense of nostalgia...

When I think about my fondest memories, they involve scenes of cozy, simple, ordinary life! I grew up in rural Pennsylvania and my mother instilled in me a deep-rooted love of flowers and nature, which I am profoundly grateful for. I often look to happy memories of my childhood for inspiration. I believe it’s the small things of everyday living that mean the most and this sparks much of my work. 

A few other random things...

  • Frasier is my favorite TV show and I’ve watched the entire series over a dozen times through.
  • I love Mister Rogers and everything he stood for. Rediscovering him as an adult has brought me such life and his quotes bring me comfort.
  • Despite my nostalgia for food, I’m not the best in the kitchen. Mak may have called me Mrs. Doubtfire at some point.
  • The name “Lily” is not named after a person, but a nod to my mom and our shared fondness of flowers.

Now that we’ve become more acquainted, lets stay in touch...

Lily & Val is a small team in Pittsburgh, PA. If you have any questions, we would love to answer them or help in any way we can:

For my creative experiments, what’s currently inspiring me (usually flowers), everyday living, and a baby photo popping in here and there follow me on Instagram @valeriemckeehan.

For shop news, new products, promotions, and blog updates follow @lilyandval

Thank you for letting me share part of my heart and world with you!

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