Who You Were Meant To Be - Print


Did you know that the odds of someone having the same top five themes in the same order according to the Strengths Finder Test are 1 in 33 million? AND the odds of someone having the same top ten in the same order are 1 in 6 Billion! Mind-blowing, right? Really let those numbers sink in for a second... there is NO ONE just like you- with your particular set of strengths coupled with your experiences. We all have something to offer that ONLY we can. Let this print be celebration of the uniqueness and significance you bring to the world.


All Lily & Val original chalkboard prints are hand-lettered using chalk, then digitally photographed and printed on professional, archive quality Epson paper for a timeless look without the dust.

♥ Available in multiple sizes
♥ Packaged in a cellophane sleeve with cardboard backing
♥ Printed in Pennsylvania

About the Artist: Valerie McKeehan is a sentimentalist, homebody, and flower lover. Inspired by the beauty of ordinary life and nature, she hand letters and illustrates every Lily & Val design out of her home studio in Pittsburgh, PA. It all started in 2012 when she drew a chalkboard sign to make her kitchen feel more homey. She applies the same philosophy today: creating unique, meaningful art and products because she loves them and hopes they resonate with you, too.

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